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About The Company

Pentau structures has been building structures since 2012.A proud family enterprise and a pioneer of the design and construct model , pss continues to build a reputation for delivering beyond traditional limitations to offer a new standard in commercial and industrial construction

Pentau structures works across multiple industry sectors and is always focused on continual improvement of process and technology."The pentau Way" methodology enables the delivery of projects in quicker timeframes, allowing more time to focus on the quality of the build, delivering better designs and outcomes.

The Pentau Structures Way

At the core of Pentau Steel Structures design and construct solutions is a unique model that brings together all the core disciplines required for a successful build under one roof. Our team delivers all components of a project, from design through to completion, providing a level of control and project management capability unmatched by any of our competitors.

This allows us to cut up to 40% off the overall completion time, while delivering a higher quality build and achieving exceptional results at all levels of the project. That’s Pentau Steel Structures.


At Pentau Structures, we believe a project isn't complete until it is absolutely right, and we have achieved 'better everything'. We apply our unique next generation design and construct methodology to deliver exceptional results at all levels of the project. The Pentau Structures Way of delivering projects means better designs, better construction timeframes, better finishes, and lower costs.

Our Project Team

Our teams are a vital part of our success. A pioneer of the design and construct model in Kerala and Tamilnadu renowned for his depth of experience in the industry, Pentamec is a privately owned group focused on delivering every project in line with structured timelines and established project methodologies. Since the first day of operation the company has committed to providing the highest level of service and work quality to all of our customers with a driving team force which has its highest commitment and involvement in satisfying the customers need.One of Pentamec key to success has been its ability to attract, develop and retain the best human talent available. Employees at Pentamec are more than just staff and laborers; they come together to form the Pentamec Family.Our Team consists of 10 employees and 35 contract workers involved in varied stages from Marketing through handing over the Projects to our Customers..We pride ourselves in our ability to generate fast, friendly and personalized services. Our relationship with our customers is a top priority for every member of our team. We strive to meet the customer’s needs to ensure long-lasting relationships.

Quality, Safety & Environment

Our AllSafe safety initiative is at the heart of every Pentau Steel Structures project. We deeply believe that all incidents are preventable and we strive for the best possible health and safety outcomes every single day.

The Pentau Steel Structures team is also constantly working hard to find better ways to save energy and water, minimise waste, and look after habitat.

Our robust quality, safety and environmental policies, systems and practices are aimed at reducing environmental impacts, improving the way we do things from project to project, and leaving a positive legacy.

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